Doggie Daycare

All dogs love our doggie daycare!

Is your pet longing for some much needed playtime with other furry friends? If so, consider bringing him or her to the resort for some fun filled daycare. We will provide the social stimulation your pet is craving along with the opportunity to burn of some energy and get some great exercise!

Your pet can enjoy our stimulating doggie day care while you're busy working or just going out for the day. It's the perfect opportunity for your pet to make some friends and have quality play time. It's also a comforting way to introduce your dog to the Pet Resort before a long stay.

Bring in his meals for the day and a toy or two, and he or she will be all set to have a fun time with us!

Daycare is available Monday-Friday ONLY.

  • Going home bath/grooming for daycare guests: Available upon request
  • Vacation activities: Available upon request
  • Our daycare guests are not guaranteed a room.
  • All boarding requirements apply (dog must have updated vaccinations, fecal exam and flea/tick treatments).
  • Our daily doggie daycare rate is $36.00
Doggie Daycare